Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A Hexie for Sharmayne

Do you know Sharmayne???

Her blog is here:

She is making a table cloth for new house - when she moves - and is hoping to collect hexies from fellow bloggers.
She would love to get one from you I am sure.

It's a very simple request - one hexie with your name etc.

"So I'm putting it out there and asking if any of you might like to embroider your name onto a single hexie and post it out to me so I can add the petals to it to make the flowers.   All I need is the centre hexie with your name (and town or state or country you live in, if you want to add that and your blog name if you wish).   The finished hexie size is 2.5inches ( that is 2.5 in along each finished hexie side).  They will need to be done in white, cream, calico, pale lemon or pale yellow please ...."

Or you can click here to read it on her blog and get her address.

This is the one I made for her - but use your own creative juices!!
(she added the outside hexies.)

Saturday, January 7, 2017

FNWF January

Back into the swing of Friday Night sewing - this time I spent most of the day with my bestie - planning embellishments for my "My Town" quilt which is on the "To Do" list for this year.

I've also started a "100 Modern Quilt Blocks" quilt - it won't be 100 blocks but will be a cut down version of the "Skyline" quilt in the book.

While I was working on that I had another idea about 'something' and made some pink blocks too.

On Saturday it was the first meeting of No1 Group - so I started on the planned embellishments and added some flowers to the Florists block and sewed some flowers onto the church block.  ...

It's almost the end of my Annual Leave...😞....I did get quite a few things on the "Christmas Break To Do List" done...but there is still quite a list.
Tomorrow - Sunday - is the first meeting of No 2 Group, so I will get some more sewing done - probably not enough to cross one more item off the list, but any progress is good progress.

Thanks Cheryll for hosting us all again.  Pop over here for the link up list.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you all!!

I wish everyone a happy, not too challenging year.

I am on leave from work and always try to get a few sewing things done over the break, though of course the list is longer than the time off....

To wrap up the year I have two small finishes....not UFOs.
My friend Inca recently gave me a small zippy pouch and matching house pincushion.

and as I have the same collection of fabrics I thought I would make a "sewing companion" to store needles, scissors etc and a large pouch.

This is all being used to store block 4 of Mrs Beasley's sampler which I am finally able to get on with.  Finishing the quilt is a definite goal for this year.

I have managed to remove a few other things from my list but no real evidence of this to show you....for example I sewed about 20 buttons onto my Quilt Diva, and prepared block 4 of Mrs B sampler.

Cheers to 2017!!!
As I said somewhere else - may your list f UFOs decrease over the year...that allows plenty of new projects as long as some get done . .  .LOL

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas.

If you are missing special people, or life has thrown a few curve balls at you - then I'm sending you a special hug.

Enjoy your Christmas celebrations and stay safe.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Cushion Swap

Each year my bestie and I make a cushion for each other for Christmas.

This year I decided to make a button cushion - a heart full of buttons.

Strangely - quite a while after I had decided about that and scoured the Craft Show looking for pink buttons - I seemed to find them everywhere in Pinterest and even last month's Homespun had a tree of buttons ..

There are at least 350 buttons here...and really I could find places for more - probably 100 tiny ones would fit - but you have to draw the line somewhere.

That is the last of my secret sewing for the year...hopefully not the last finished project for the year.

And here is my lovely cushion from Maureen next to the one I made.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

FNSI - December

My last cyber sewing gig for the year.   😞
(Have you notice you can now put symbols into blog posts...?)

I am still "Secret Sewing" - the last project to be finished.

Here's a clue:

I started the night off with a drink using my new mug rug - it was re-purposed for the night!

I am now on 3 weeks leave - so much to do at work - but a long list of To Dos at home too so I will just put work out of my head as much as possible and enjoy my time off.

A big thanks to Wendy for keeping us going throughout the year.

I know its 8 sleeps away - but to you all:

If you are not visiting before the 31st December...

See you in 2017...with a new list of UFOs to finish!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Bah Humbug swap

Finally, the day has arrived when I can open my Bah Humbug swap present....it's been sitting here since 1st December tempting me . . . .

and inside was a lovely mug and mug rug - Love the fabric wrapper and who can say no to cashews??
(Sorry - its sideways...it will have to do for now!)

I was able to hand mine over ... I had intended I would hand it directly to De, but instead it had to go via her very capable "courier".

It looked like this:
and inside was this:

I had fun making it.....after I found a mug I was happy with....seemed they were either cartoony or thick and fairly ugly.

I really enjoy these little swaps.  Thanks Sandi, Helen Teresa & Norreen