Sunday, April 22, 2018

Stitching Seams with Polka Dot Dreams

This cropped up as Project #9 for Sunday Stitchers UFO Challenge.  I can't remember when I stitched this, but it's been lying around for a while - waiting for inspiration....I didn't really want a mini quilt this time....but I was packing for a sewing day and realised for my Best Friends project (a long term WIP)....either I needed a big clunky plastic box, or two containers to hold all the threads I was using as well as the fabric/stitching. 
**Light bulb moment**
I decided I could organise a thread pattern needed and I could "just whip one up"....LOL...working with vinyl does not lend itself to "whipping it up"...Nevertheless I managed to concoct something like I had in mind and now I have a way to transport my threads - as you can see they are still doubled up...but this will work for me.

This is the binding I was doing for FNSI - 
and I didn't want to show this before the "reveal" at Sunday Stitchers.

I actually had another 
**Light bulb moment**  when cutting the vinyl....
naturally it is quite hard to see when on a cutting mat and even more difficult once you put a clear ruler on top - and if you want to lift the ruler and move it - the vinyl sticks to the ruler . . . ah ha I thought - if I put the vinyl down on the lines of the mat and then sticky tape the vinyl to the mat...I will be able to see the edge better and the vinyl won;t move as I move the there!!!! - you may have worked that one out yourself but in tip of the day!!!!

And then, because I'm a matchy matchy sort of girl I decided I needed a zippy pouch to go with it - to hold the stitching of course!

So all I need now is a scissor holder/pincushion sort of thing.... maybe a scrap bucket...and  . . .projects for another day.

Friday, April 20, 2018

FNSI - April

Another month has rolled by and here we are again - gathered at Wendy's cyer house to sew and maybe drink tea, coffee, wine champers...who knows??

I sewed some binding on a small project - to be revealed soon - and then I cut the pieces for a zippy pouch - I was going to start making it , but decided I didn't like the zip I had,  nor the instead I am doing my blog post and organising a pile of bits to take to Sunday Stitchers this Sunday.  
Several of us are going to make striped blocks so we need machines and the bits & bibs that go with it, power leads & power boards, pre cut strips...all this as well as the usual - lunch, Show & Tell and I have a pile of crochet blocks to give to Maria...Hopefully it won't be bucketing rain when I arrive and unload!

At least this month I didn't fall asleep on the recliner watching TV!!

I hope everyone had a productive day/night...weekend...catch you all next time!
Thanks Wendy - always grateful for the motivation.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Chooks for Chookyblue

Most of my readers know (or know of) Chookyblue.   She is probably the main reason I keep blogging and the only reason I went to my first GDITC - Girls Day in the Country - at Nundle.

When Kerry Swain decided to stop Nundle - Chooky stepped in - roped in a partner in crime - Sonia and created "Scrub Stitchin" which has just happened at Baradine in NSW - the town and Camp Cypress will never be the same!!

Sometime late last year I saw this pattern:

An obvious choice for Chooky ...and I thought how nice it would be if those of us who love Chooky and are grateful to her for making GDITC what is was and for creating Scrub Stitchin' which we expected to be a fun time - could each make a block.

So I started the emails and managed to rope in almost enough to provide the full 36 blocks.

At Scrub Stitchin' we gave her the blocks.   I think it is safe to say she was very surprised and happy - she had seen the pattern and had thought about making it.

Here is the photo of all the blocks - just randomly placed on the "Design Wall".

We had another 3 volunteers over the weekend - but there is nothing to say that several more can't be added.

This is my block:

I had also seen recently a crazy patch chook done by machine embroidery - and I made one of them for Chooky as well - she can make a bag or something out of it as she likes...I'm going to make a similar rooster.

I love chooks - and Chooky - but I am a bit over chooks for now so I am glad its all almost  behind me now

Make It or Fake It Swap - Scrub Stitchin'' 2018 @ Baradine

There is so much to post about our Baradine retreat - it will take a while so I am just doing it a bit at a time.

"Make It or Fake It" Swap

Part of the GDITC/Nundle tradition is the Make It, Fake It or Bake It swap.  This year it was Make It or Fake It - after all we are sewers - not cooks!!

Here is the collection of goodies I made - and the reason for the flowers in the previous post - a Zippy Pouch, a Design Board, A Pin holder (with 3 of the flowers) a scrap bucket (with one flower) and a coaster.

My gift ended up with Aime - who is recently into quilting - so I went over to make sure she knew what everything was - mostly she did and had even planned to make a zippy pouch.
I am glad it all went to a new recruit!!

My gift was from MIss Jules - a collection of lovely blue and monkey themed flannels, and a bobbin of special quilters tape.   Looks like  a baby quilt coming up...and I am sure that quilters tape will be handy.

These swaps are always a lot of fun.  Thanks again Miss Jules..

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Easter break - Getting ready for Baradine

Easter is always a long break from work - as I don't work Thursdays that means I am off from Wednesday night til Tuesday morning....BUT this year - just after Easter - I am off to Baradine (near case...) for - yep - you guessed - a Sewing Gig - for those who don't know - it's the replacement for GDITC @ Nundle....
As GDITC started (unofficially) Friday lunchtime - I would normally go on Thursday, so only one day off work - but Baradine starts Thursday lunchtime - so I (we...with my bestie & driver) are leaving on Wednesday - so if I had to take Wednesday as a Leave Day - I may as well take Tuesday too - so I am off work from Wednesday 28th March until 9th April....Whoopee Doo - pity someone can't do my work while I am away...oh well ...not thinking about that ATM.

So Easter has been a lot of prepping, packing, sorting,  finishing...making a secret sewing project for the Make It or Fake It swap....and a few other fiddly bits including finishing a few things for the Show & Tell session....

I won't show anything now apart from this :

(They are drying on the warmish lap top)

I decided I needed a few flowers for something ...and as I needed a largish piece of washaway stabilser, I figured I may as well make the most of it and made a few more...some of them have a specific home (shhh  ....secret stuff...) but the others will go to a friend who makes stoles for First Communions.

I do hope you have had a lovely Easter - in which ever way makes you happy. 

Patchworky Friends - updated

I've been a bit tardy posting this - Cheryll (aka Chez aka Dory) - who accompanied Shez - has sent me this gorgeous little needle keeper - Very lovely of Chez - again very appreciative - but I was so happy just to get a chance to catch up.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Tooly Tool Holder

I have seen a few of these and thought I wouldn't really use one...but then I was packing for a sewing day and gathering all the bits and pieces and realised that if I had a Tooly full of most of the bits I need to take with me - it would be quicker to just pick up and go.

I was able to borrow one to refer to as I made it which helped a great deal.  Of course I changed a few bits - - the pockets and ramped up the elastic that holds it together when not in use.
I added a covered notebook...just to coordinate it all.

So this can now stay packed with spares and extras and hopefully I will have everything I need when I'm away from home sewing.

The pattern came from Sew Together - they have updated the pattern to a larger size with room for a small cutting mat and added a handle.  You can find that one here:

(I'm on the look out now for a small purple rotary cutter and even a purple ruler . . .that could be tricky!)

This is using the same range of fabrics that I used for the mini quilt's from Leanne Beasley - called "Potting Shed".  I'm kinda liking it at the will probably see more projects using it in the (near) future.

And a hint:  I used foam core as recommended in the pattern, the one I borrowed had something about 1/4 " thick and I think over time that is probably better as I can see my cover is bending already.

Yes Chooky  I know you will "tell me" - I will bring it!......LOL

Friday, March 23, 2018

FNSI - March 2018

We are a little delayed this month "due to technical difficulties" - but we all gathered at Wendy's "Cyber house" to sew and pass the time of day.

I had planned to hand stitch while watching TV , and then do some machining -  but Joey (the cat) decided to bed down on top of my legs so I stayed there cross stitching....I guess my plan for tonight will also need to be delayed.

This is what I worked on . . . .I only do this at home - it's just too hard when you are in a group and trying to have conversations.

Thanks Wendy - glad to hear your internet is all OK now.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Gail Pan Stitchery

This is my project #10 for Sunday Stitchers Challenge.

I have had the stitchery finished for quite a while - and I have forgotten its correct name. 
A little while back I saw some lovely fabrics - yes in purple - well I prefer to call these mauve . . and resisted....for a while - but then I remembered this stitchery and another one in similar colours (which I expect to finish off for Project 9 next month) and decided they needed to come home with me.   I have only used two of them in this one.

I have made this to fit my mini quilt hanger, so it's about 12 x 14".  And I decided I would try out the "hand look" quilting stitch ..... I have used it before on my older machine but Monster Machine has an automatic setting for off I went.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Patchworky Friends

Aren't patchwork friends the best??

For a number of reasons I decided not to go to Let's Get Stitched here in Brisbane this weekend.  And as Shez and Chez (the terrible twos???) are not going to Baradine next month, I decided I should catch up with them by collecting them from the airport and delivering them to the hotel - which also gave the opportunity for a quick catch-up with a few other people.

Shez arrived with 2 suitcases and I jokingly asked if one of them was full of presents .  . . .and she said Yes.   One of them (not big enough to justify an extra suitcase...) was for me, to say thanks for the transport!

A gorgeous needle case.  Shez I will treasure it - thank you so much.